Member Login

Kiewa Catchment Landcare Membership Process

1. To join a group of KCLG or just the network itself you need to access the KCLG membership website and register as a new member.

2. Go to and click on the Join button in the menu at the top of the page

KCLG Home page

The options displayed first of all are the Parent Plans for each sub group and the network 



To pay membership subscriptions make a selection from one of the parent plans and sub group membership options will appear. Note that Donations can also be selected and if chosen the nominated sum will appear as an additional line item in the Payment Slip / Invoice.

Membership options

You should then proceed to complete the registration below. Note the key below the registration form that explains the significance of each of the icons on the subscription form. 

• A required field is one that must be completed during the registration process

• Fields may be visible or hidden on members profiles (neither type are available to the public however)

• Information button provides help on the field when you rest the mouse on the information icon.

Membership process icons



Registration information

Upon clicking the Register button, provided all the required fields are completed, an email will be generated to the email address specified in the registration process and to the system administrator who will review the registration request. Once approved the following message will be generated and sent to the registrant.


Welcome Peter Piper,

Your application has been approved by our administration team.

Your account with the following details has been activated:

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Username : ppt

You can proceed to login to the website and review your profile and, if you haven’t already, pay your subscriptions.

Welcome to Kiewa Catchment Landcare.

 Kind Regards,

Website Administration Team

 NOTE: This email was automatically generated from Kiewa Catchment Landcare (

Immediately after completing the registration process the option to pay subscription fees now is offered. The following message will be displayed

You can choose to pay subscriptions now or wait until registration approval message is received.

The payment options are Paypal / Credit Card or Pay Offline

Paypal Payment Option

Note that you don’t have to have a Paypal account to pay using the Paypal option. Paypal will accept credit card details without requiring you to sign up for an account.

Selecting the Paypal option will take you to the Paypal website where you can sign in as a Paypal member to complete payment or choose the Pay with a Credit card option (see screen grab below)

Once processing is complete you will receive a receipt from Paypal for membership payment.


The Pay Offline option 

Note the EFT and Cheque details are presented and  message in the red outlined box asks for confirmation of intention to pay offline.

A further confirmation message is presented

Upon clicking the OK button a payment slip is generated which can be printed. Note the link to the Offline Payment Notification form – we ask for this to be completed to help document offline payments that can be hard to track down otherwise.

Once payment is verified and marked as paid by the KCLG admin team the new or updated subscription will appear.

If payment was not made at the time of subscription (or people want to check and update their subscription details) a login to the front end of the website is required.

If no Parent Plan was accepted at registration time login will still be possible but upon successful login a  Membership is Needed for Access reminder will appear and clicking the Pay Now button will allow the user to access their Profile and complete the subscription  process for the parent plan.

 Note once the profile is accessed the current subscription text box reminds the user they haven’t paid their child plan subscription yet. See Baranduda Landcare Membership 3 Years Unpaid alert below


Clicking the Subscription tab will display the option to Pay Now or Unsubscribe

Clicking the Pay Now button returns the user to the Paypal /Credit Card and Offline Payment options they were presented with at registration time.

Note that receipts are not automatically emailed out following Offline payments but are accessible to the member from their profile when they login – the screen grab below shows the link for the member to follow to retrieve their membership payment receipt (its actually an invoice that has Payment Status: Completed annotation)

A payment receipt accessed from the members profile is shown below